AppYet v3.1.10 to v3.1.14 Released


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should be ok. what display language do you set in 5.x device? if it is RTL, try set it to LTR language, and try again.

Dain Binder

@appyet, just tried to turn off Article List ads. Even though they are unchecked on the Monetize tab they still show in the new build. Tried uninstall/reinstall but didn't help.

EDIT: Maybe it took some time for some reason. Not seeing them now. Cancel the above :)
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Alaa Ahmed

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I try it on same version of OS in tablet Emulator, and couldn't reproduce your Menu Drawer layout issue. will keep on trying.

can anyone else try the app on Arabic or any RTL language tablet with 4.x or 5.x Android OS, and report back if Menu Drawer has layout issue?
My problem in explore which can select rss be show

Felimar Salon

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Just found a bug.. Articles unread count is not updating,, Even I've read all the feeds in the unread section, and 0 feeds already. I can still see some counts in the side even if the feed is already 0.

Alaa Ahmed

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Sorry, I don't understand what you trying to say. Pls explain in more details

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problem in Explore
Great update but i advice some functionality that are lost:

- In The audio player, The link must be hide
- when i am listening a podcast with The app and arrive a notification, The audio stops, but You can add The fade between podcast of The app and The ringtone.
- where is The new About page?
- Insert The possibility to change The color of The New share button
- re-Insert The possibility to choose The effect of The menù when it is Opened

I hope that these suggestions can be helpful for you


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Was wondering why all the icons in the explore module are RSS icons instead of the icons that were set for each of those modules?

I have changed all the icons for the modules in the app to use the google/font awesome icons instead of images. but in explore module, those icons are all RSS icons? any chance you can make them use the icons that are set in the module settings?


We will look into it in future notifications. What kind of push notifications are you looking for
I mean this service :

If we use this service in our applications , we could be able to send notifications to users when ever we want !
that notification contains header,text and link.
For example i send notification to my users :
""Application update""
"Please update your application by clicking on this"

And after user click on notification, he direct to download new version! !!

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