AppYet v3.1.10 to v3.1.14 Released


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I think its the issue with google trying to login for you.

remove google account from the forum account (de-associate with google)
and the login problem will stop happening. this is google's fault. they did something

Skqnder TN

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most of user no longer use this menu any more, they should use the three dots menu from Action Bar

I completely agree, so I suggest to delete the menu called with options button and link this button to the three dots menu, so when user press the options button the three dots menu appears. Can you do that ?

Alaa Ahmed

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go to rebuild your application, and install new apk, and report back if issue remains. also we emailed you a development apk for you to test, can you also test that to see if layout issue remains
Same problem in tablet 7.0 samsunge
Android 4.2.2