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  • The Android App Bundle was signed with an incorrect key. Please make sure you sign the software with the correct signing key to try. The application package package must be signed using the same reference file:
    , but the certificate reference file used to sign the App Bundle is:
    SHA1: EA:68:E2:F7:0F:2C:35:60:41:0E:F6:00:A7:5D:D3:A2:27:E2:ED:69
    My application has been removed from Google Play. The information mail is below.
    Reasons of violation
    Issue with your app
    Your app is using the Flurry SDK, which collects Android ID and Advertising ID. Persistent device identifiers may not be linked to other personal and sensitive user data or resettable device identifiers.
    Can you provide me the signing key for an app so that I may manually remove the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission that is included in the Appyet build template? This permission is not necessary for my app and Google will not approve my submission with it included. I will try to manually remove it using 3rd party software since it appears to be baked in to the Appyet template. I need the signing key to do so. Thank you
    When i try to upgrade App PAypal show me this error "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later". plz fix it..
    So I have noticed as I have been putting together media/web modules that the thumbnail does not show, rather it does when it first loads up after initial install but after that they dissappear, I have tried various things to rectify this but with no luck. Could this be a bug @appyet ?
    Hello @appyet Team, I am looking for the person in charge of AdMonetization partnerships if you could provide an email or LinkedIn profile to connect with and explore our chances to work together, I think our platform will represent a huge imrpovement for your publishers ad monetization and also better ways for you to manage your accounts AdMon.

    Dimas Mendoza
    Publisher Development Director

    Action Required: Your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies​

    after upload v4.0.25 version also

    Flurry SDK, which collects Advertiser ID and Android ID

    Action required: Publish a new compliant version and deactivate the noncompliant version(s) of your app within 30 days
    I need help with the registered keystore for my app with package name com.bus.kenya.. is it possible to acess it.. i need to update a new App on PlayStore by it says am using diffrent shas
    I have built my app for business with appyet. But found some issues. All rss feeds that I have plant on the app were showed nothing when I try the app after installing on my smartphone. Can any body help me ? Please. Why it was happend and how to release this issue.
    The screen only show white blank page with message : Is not ready right now. For all rss feed items menu.
    Faça novamente o mesmo procedimento espero ajudá-lo!
    Bonjour Appéter,
    J'éprouve de sérieuses difficultés à poursuivre la configuration de l'application.
    Votre aïs m'est plus que nécessaire.
    Hello, I have 3 applications that have been updated to the latest version, and app ads txt have been added, and there are no ads inside my applications. I hope for help
    Hi Appyet,

    yestarday i got an email asking to forward account reset link to verify may account to move app .
    Is this right? because i got mail from some non official mail it was a gmail eamil address.

    Plz confirm.
    Hi, Appyet,

    As per your recomendation for moving App to diffrent account i have upgraded to Pro and also emailed you .
    Kindly move my app to request account.

    Please help please i am fowlling for last 1 months plz help

    That is official request, please forward the reset link. Thanks
    ok thanks mail sent
    سلام من باید چیکار کنم که گوگل پلی هنگام نصب اپلیکیشنم
    هشدار امنیتی نده

    I would like to have 100% of my app earnings.
    I also have the Pro subscription.
    Hi, Appyet,

    As per your recomendation for moving App to diffrent account i have upgraded to Pro and also emailed you .
    Kindly move my app to request account.

    1. I uploaded my App in the google play store
    2 I got granted to put Admob ads on my App
    3. I had to create a new bundle with the ads code in my app
    4. New bundle can't be uploaded as a new release because Аppyet makes a different Key every time and now i don't know how to run my AdMob ads on my app i Need help. Please inform me if there is a way to upload ads code in my Application by using Firebase.
    krasimir yordanov
    krasimir yordanov
    Hi Krasimir Mariyanov,
    "New bundle can't be uploaded as a new release because Аppyet makes a different Key every time"
    Problem, you need find way for fix that.
    this is what i got from Google Admob
    krasimir yordanov
    krasimir yordanov
    Can i try to use Android studio and set the old key to the new bundle, do you think that is possible?
    krasimir yordanov
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