AppYet v3.1.44 Released


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@appyet, thanks for updating the core AppYet files!

It would be great to improve some UI elements for the next version:
  • Add Adaptative icons support (
  • Fix the problem with Firebase Cloud Messaging notification (appears the app icon instead the notification icon)
  • Change the appareance of the single post notification to show the title of the article instead of "1 new article"
  • Add the option to include the developer name / copyright information in the About popup (now there is only the app icon, the app name and the version)
@appyet Check this too, please :)

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مرحبًا ، تمت ترقية التطبيق ولكن لا تظهر الإعلانات بعد ...

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AppYet v3.1.46 Released

This release contains major crash bug fix, and support libraries upgrades. Please test it and report back any issues. Also, please test it thoroughly before publishing your app to your end users.

Change Log v3.1.46

- Android: Fixed crash on the first start right after newly upgraded app
- Android: Android P support
- Android: Forum module allow URL redirect
- Android: Updated supported libraries