AppYet v3.1.44 Released


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@appyet there is an annoying bug in the forums module. Whenever you use the search option and click any post coming up there, the next post opens instead. Please fix this.


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@appyet. Are you able to give us the options to choose from 3 versions when building the app? E.g. 3.1.42, 3.1.43, 3.1.44. In this way we can update and build our app with an earlier version if there are issues with the latest version.


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Hey appyet. What did u do with the in app-messaging feature. U published lots of great demos but u haven't applied them. Pls work on them. First upgrade normal appyet to newer version that u put beta on forum and then pls work on the social app. We need them so much. U r incredible guys, dont stop it. If u have good support incredible things are gonna happen. I swear if u have good support the users of this forum will help u so much to grow. Ur surely the #1 on the web. Don't stop plss. Waiting for good news and updates


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[QUOTE = "appyet، post: 10261، member: 1"] يحتوي هذا الإصدار على وحدة وسائط جديدة تمامًا ، وإصلاحات للأخطاء ، وترقيات مكتبات الدعم. يرجى اختباره والإبلاغ عن أي مشاكل. اختبرها أيضًا جيدًا قبل نشر تطبيقك للمستخدمين التابعين لك.

غير المفتاح v3.1.44

- Android / Web: وحدة "وسائط" جديدة. دعم معظم تنسيق الصوت / الفيديو / الصورة والبث المباشر
- Android: الثابتة Admob Banner AD لا تظهر في بعض الأجهزة
- Android: مشكلة Admob Interstitial Ad الثابتة للنقر العرضي
- Android: ظهور محسّن في إعلان Admob
- نظام التشغيل Android: تم تحديث المكتبات المدعومة
- الويب: تم تعطيل التبديل "تحقيق الدخل من علامة التبويب -> إظهار الإعلان البيني"
- الويب: الإدخال الجديد: "علامة تبويب الاستثمار" -> Google Admob -> معرِّف تطبيق Admob ، أصبح إلزاميًا الآن لإنشاء التطبيق بنجاح [/ QUOTE]


هل يُسمح بتحميل تطبيق خاص بي إلى متجر Google Play مع نسخة مجانية؟

هل يمكنني إزالة الإعلانات إلى الأبد من طلبي؟

أنني ليس لدي المال لدفع النسخة الموالية ☹️


hey @appyet i tried to used media module. i added a link from youtube, daily motion etc.., but am getting same error for all video links "A error has occur, please try again later". am adding my package name please go through it.
package name:


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Hi Appyet,

I have several questions and suggestions ...

1 - Regarding the new regulation on the protection of user data (RGPD), when the user opens the application for the first time, a pop-up window opens to obtain the agreement of the user. In the mentioned services, there is only Admob. There is no mention of Google Analytics (via Firebase) which also collects data as well.
Is it possible to solve this problem and also get the user's agreement for Google Analystics?

Thus, our applications will fully comply with European requirements.

2 - When we publish a new update of our application, is the RGPD agreement reset?

3 - Concerning the module "Media", is it possible when it is a picture or a video to add a button (as for the module RSS) which proposes to download, to share and / or to be redirected towards the source of the media?

Thank you very much for everything you do. Have a good day.
@appyet Please help they removed the application says that for violation of privacy policy, I just made a privacy policy have if they re-publish it, also the medium module does not work any video link tells me that an error has occurred

jhon efe

Gentlemen of @appyet , please appear and correct the problems and recommendations that the app has:

1. Correct the high number of failures presented by the app.
2. Add data protection (RGPD) to Google Data Protection (Firebase) to comply with Google policies.
3. Fix the "Media" module, as it is not working.
4. For what you want, we appreciate if you add the SDK of the "In-App Messaging" function of Firebase, a very interesting system that offers Firebase, but apparently you do not have the updated SDK in the app and so So much is not working. I regomos add it.
5. Correct the cache of the app, because the images are saved in the app for a very short time, in previous versions the app cached the images and these were available at any time so the user will not have an internet connection. It is good that the image cache is permanently stored in the user's cell phone until he desires to erase it.

Please keep this Appyet in mind and keep going ...