AppYet v3.1.44 Released


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This release contains a brand new Media module, and bug fixes, upgrades of support libraries. please test it and report back any issues. Also test it thoroughly before publishing your app to your end users.

Change Log v3.1.44

- Android/Web: New "Media" module. Support most format of Audio/Video/Image and live streaming
- Android: Fixed Admob Banner AD not showing in some devices
- Android: Fixed Admob Interstitial Ad accidental click issue
- Android: Improved Admob Ad impression
- Android: Updated supported libraries
- Web: Fixed "Monetize tab -> Show Interstitial Ad" switches not working
- Web: New input: "Monetize tab" -> Google Admob -> Admob App ID, it is now mandatory for app to build successfully

Alaa Ahmed

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, which appears on ads not shown in Interstitial Ad

Android P
samsung s9+

and it appears in samsung j7 2016 - Android 8.1.0

and it appears in samsung Tab s3 - Android 8.0.0

Screenshot_٢٠١٩٠٢١٢-١١٢٦٣٢_ .jpg
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Hi, app upgraded but ads not showing still...

Package Name:


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Please I want to fix this issue: admob not working on my app

For apps with no ads showing, first check to make sure Monetize tab is setup correctly.
1. Correct App ID
2. Admob ad type match correctly. Eg: Banner ID should not be used for Interstitial Ads
3. Appeal to Google if your admob app is block by Google. Sometimes you will receive email from Google with title "Google AdMob ad serving has been disabled to your application"
4. Make sure you don't violate any Google Admob policies

Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using AppYet Demo

Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using AppYet Demo


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@appyet Sir Please I have been trying to reach you from many days, i deleted the App Accidentaly can i get the App Package id Back.