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No matter how the button for "Open in Default Browser" is set, the feed "visit website" button always opens the browser to visit the site... I would like to open some feed details in app and now I can't... only in external browser. Can you fix that?

Alaa Ahmed

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- Android: Use CustomTabs instead of built-in browser

when click " view website "

open list of browser on my phone

i need to open link in my app

So the user does not come out of the application, such as the Facebook application


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unable to add Wordpress Feeds to new Modules,
Always this error "Feed url is not valid, make sure the url is point to RSS or Atom feed(s)"

Tried this as link also ""

Please Solve....

When open URL in EU, it give follow error message:

This site can’t provide a secure connection
ammachiyudeadukkala.netuses an unsupported protocol.


Hide details

The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.


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I have an issue on Google Play Console, please help!!!

App status: Your app has not been accepted into Android Auto, and the update is not live on Google Play.

Eligibility issues by APK version:

APK Version(s) Eligibility Issue
195 Voice commands
Your app does not support all of the required voice commands. You can read more about how to support Voice Actions in the Android Developers Help Center.

To be considered for Android Auto:

  1. Make the necessary changes to your app.
  2. Increment the version number of the upgraded APK.
  3. Submit your app for another review.
Or, if you’d like to exclude your app from Android Auto:

  1. Remove the Android Auto manifest entry from your APK code.
  2. Sign in to your Play Console and upload the new APK.
  3. Click Submit update.
For more details on how an app can qualify for Android Auto, you can review the the Android Auto App Quality Guidelines.

If you feel we have made this determination in error, please submit additional information to our team and we’ll review your app again.

Thanks for supporting Google Play,

The Google Play Team

Removed Android auto metadata, please rebuild and resubmit, report back if problem remains or not

Alaa Ahmed

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Please fix the application settings in Arabic

Corrects the errors in red to the correct word in green

As the attached picture



how i set Firebase Web Host to send push notification firebase


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Alaa Ahmed

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the contact button redirects to the AppYet mail


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