[AppYet 3.x] Requested Features List


An option to add more contributors to my app. To get them invitation link and can have full or some access on the app.


Raphael,please put the done works in another list,in that case ,it will be better.please do it my dear.

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These are list of some requests by marc that they aren't done.add it to list:(i know some of them are done)

- When you do not select a module des the Explore section, do not get out notifications.

- That in the notifications do not put there few new items there. We want the title of the new news.

- It would have to delete the old different views of a Feed. And in the new list format does not leave a small excerpt from the news. And the title is larger. And the photo does not have edges, as in Google Play Newsstand.

- If you look at the title bar of Google Play you will see that it has a small shadow underneath. Would be great in your app.

- That the pop-up boxes (when you translate an article when you open a podcast ...) also have shadow underneath.

- In the setup menu, change icons (to Material Design) and fix the problem of the title bar. Instead of appearing Settings, get the name of your app.

In Android 5.0, as you know, the taskbar becomes the color of the title bar. This function does not work in the Explore and the configuration module.

Also in version 5.0, when you have the list in three dimensions with the recent apps, the title background apps (made with AppYet) is black. Fix this problem.

They said they would add a feature to disable languages. Put please.:p

Please also when there is no forum in the app, in setup menu disappears option to configure modules.

If you can also do that in the RSS modules you can disable search. And if it may be that it can be replaced with another icon and you redirect to another module of the app (eg I'm making an app information railroads, and I wish that icon had a clock, and take you to a module with schedules):p

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Another one:
Change the font of the app and upload customized ones

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Plz implement
1-full screen splash screen /different dimensions of imagea in splash screen.
2-notification should show post title instead od new articles.
3- disable copy in feed module


joseph raphael

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Plz implement
1-full screen splash screen /different dimensions of imagea in splash screen.
2-notification should show post title instead od new articles.
3- disable copy in feed module

1- Can't be implemented due to device's compatibility, it needs to fit all device's displays.
2- Already on the list check [No.6] in Feed module.
3- Can be implemented right now by add code in the Extra Header section on feeds.

Daksh Desai

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Pure material design with floating button support
and can you provide module to edit the every settings activities.
for example.-->Like i want to put my name with bar-code image to provide information about me in about activity which only shows app version.

And to add new settings activity. To let user know about permissions(Explain permission which app uses.)
And some help and FAQ topics.
I can add this on my website and redirect a webview module for this.
But if that will be available in settings directly i can save some data of users because my website contain rich content that uses high data.

I got new loading from material design.But will you consider the requests made above on next relese of appyet please.

Thanks in advance :)
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New feature request:

Custom Widget using a web module/page.

Basically what that means is, making a widget for the home screen that loads a page for 2 sizes, 4x2 and 4x4.
and each widget setting could specify which page to load or load page from a certain module from the app.


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New feature request:

* Article Re-sync option under settings menu

* Include App.name in Sharing link
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Two other Suggestions
Add level 1,2,3 for the list

2) Notifications should be With its title and can be unchecked from some models

Best App Ever!!!!
Good Luck


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List of Bugs & Features (requested by users from all over the forum) to be implemented/fixed in Future AppYet 3.x releases. All Gathered in one thread to keep track of them by every @appyet App Dev release until the Final stable build release.

  • Latest AppYet Dev Release ->
  • Latest AppYet Stable Build Release -> 3.1.8
[Forum Module]

1- Attach Images to a Post

2- Add Text formatting

3- Add full RTL support [DONE! 1.0.14]

4- Emoticons in conversation [DONE! 1.0.12]

5- Click to download full picture resolution when on 3G connection.

6- Add floating reply button.

7- Notifications card/tab like Tapatalk, where you get notified about people liking your posts etc.

8- When you open a thread, it remembers the page you were last on; in the app [DONE!]

10- Show logged-in user profile pic and name at the top of left menu [DONE!]

11- Save log-in information [DONE!]

12- Watch (subscribe) forums [DONE!]

13- Jump to top/bottom of page

14- Ability to change password, email ID, avatar... etc

15- Support for Tapatalk forum "https" integration
[DONE! 3.1.0]

[Feed Module]

1- Improve App Widget look and function.

2- Ability to clean-up a specific "feed module" separate from others.

3- Ability to select a specific Feed for the "feed query module" [DONE!] - Solution HERE

4- Improve tablet's layout for a Magazine card view. [DONE! 3.1.1]

5- Disqus Comments Integration [Not possible Due to API Limitations]

6- Guided Notification - when a user click on a notification it opens the app and direct the user to the updated feed content automatically.

7- Fix Article's duplicating due to title change and update articles content. [DONE! 3.1.5]

8- Add an option to control the Default flag for "Make Favorites unread" on the settings. [DONE! 3.1.4]

[Web Module]

1- Add a custom responsive "404 page" to replace Android's default "Page not Available". [Done! 1.0.13 - Improved! 1.0.14]

2- Ability to upload file/files via webview. [DONE! 3.1.4]

3- Update in-app jQuery plug-in [DONE! 3.1.5]

[App UI]

1- xxxhdpi icons support (Module - Launcher - Notification). [Done! 3.1.1]

2- Fix Notification icon issue - Reported Here. [Done! 3.1.8]

3- Highlight the current active module on the left menu (ability to choose highlight color).

4- Ability to change the background color of the app overall. [Done! 3.1.1]

5- Set Notification Bar Color for the "Settings" - "Explore" - "Downloads" - "Web-view New window" instead the default Black one.

6- Convert all App "Dialog boxes" to Material Design, Currently it is partially material, e.g. The translate box in feeds is a absolutely material but the box that appears when you press the three dots in forum post is system theme box.

7- Add reloading material design spinner when "refreshing/reloading web page" or on a "pull to refresh" action inside all modules. [DONE! 3.1.5]

8- Convert Left menu Drawer from "Holo style" to the new "Material Style" to fit the App's new design - Screenshots Here

9- Expendables menus and sub menus.

10- Double Menu Left & Right

11- Improve widget functionality to include
use Web-view to display web pages on homescreen.

12- Add window color to "Recent apps" menu in Lollipop - Info here

[App Functionality]

1- Add In-App purchase to remove ads

2- Android TV support

3- Push Notifications

4- Public chat feature

5- Interstitial Ads.

6- Set a "Default Module Tab" for the App to show every time the user open the App (like a Homepage).

7- Audio Player Module.

8- Ability to disable all App's notifications by default. [DONE! 3.1.4]

9- Deep Linking for app content "myappname://action" - Info Here
1) Can You add a feature that you can change the color of the title bar...? I think that this is great! You can make the color like your web site's one.
2) Can You add a feature that you can read the post directly from the notification?
3) Can You make the app openable from the Android Wear Smartwatches? So you can read the posts from the wrist...

PS: sorry for any error (I'm not English) ;)