[AppYet 3.x] Requested Features List


It's been more than a year : "previous implementation was when in article list, and user click on back button, Menu drawer will be displayed. when user press back again, app will be closed. some user don't want this feature, and asked to remove it." - that's what appyet said when I requested back the... back function :) So, who asked to remove that feature? (I know, some users... but many more users want that back)


We are definitely not. we are busy working on next major new version with many features and improvements. following just few screenshots. please keep sending us feature requests.

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this is great thanks, when should we expect the new version to test it?

btw @appyet have you seen the latest feature request i submitted?? this one: https://forum.appyet.com/index.php?threads/choose-sources-before-1st-sync.2399/
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