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  • Hello Appyet,

    Google is now need API Level 26 for new apps from August and for existing apps, the date will be November 2018. So please update API level 21 to 26 So we are able to publish new apps on Google Play. Thanks VERY IMPORTANT
    How I can use my Playstore app package name and keystore to the app created with appyet ,,?
    We are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later and if the problem persists, contact us at
    Hi, when I open my app, I can see a menu icon in top left of the topbar.
    All my menu modules are disable, so if I click on menu icon, nothing
    happened and it's perfect like that.

    Today, I would like to know how can I hide this "menu icon" because i don't need it ?
    And I already have same topbar & icon just above.

    Idea for futur:
    If all modules menu are disable, hide icon menu automatically

    Thank you
    I want to consult, why the application that I created can not match expectations. in appeal to apps belonging to other developers. but the same as appyet. we give the screenshots we created and which other developers make. ask for help.we also attach file form apk format, to check for comparison thank you
    Is appyet still in development? I'm having a Tapatalk error whenever you click the forum button the first time. Also, when are you going to update the website. The app design still looks modern to today's standerd.
    Hello I need help how to put ad banner on top of my app
    Hello Sir, I facing a issue with my app. I have created an app for my website but the problem is that when I enable RSS Feeds from my site, I see high usage of CPU and Account Execution. My website CMS is Joomla! 3.7 and website is hosted on SiteGround. I tried to use Json format for feeds to reduce CPU usage but the problem is that AppYet only support RSS/Atom format...
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