New Android 6.0 Permissions


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Hello, @appyet

Something that is also interesting to improve for this version is to change the way that the permissions are shown.

Since Android 6.0, the way that the app asks you if it can use some permission. Something like this:


But AppYet app stills in the old way to asks permissions (directly when you download the app from Google Play):


Can you fix that?

This is the link with more information.

Thanks a lot!


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This is implemented, try download a image in image viewer, it should ask you for permission

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Hello there is a thing when the notification of an article arrives when touching the notification does not take me to any of the tabs of the recent articles, I think it is fine that this tab or the option of recent or 24 hours, but it would be very good that to touch the notification that comes to the phone this will take me but the recent article at least to the tab of last 24 hours, since they ask me how to find the new news to avoid revising one of the pages that is added since Many do not know that they should check in the last option 24 hours, could that be fixed and redirected to at least one of the recent articles or to the option of 24 hours?