LATEST: AppYet v4.0.25 Released


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Is it possible remove icons [latest] [unreads] etc. from home screen but not from tabs above? thx

btw: version 4.0.5 is much better


1st -On the web modules (web content) it looks very old and there are no settings related to language (RTL), colors, text formatting ... etc and other tools necessary for writing.
2- when I generat my app the search option in web content doesn't work, and it gives the first word thats all, without possibilté to scroll to other resaltes.
3nd - somme feeds doesn't work
plz fix this.
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Hello @appyet
How are you, we are developing Arabic applications with over 10,000 downloads, sometimes more than 100,000 downloads.
But when we do an update for the latest version, the Arabic language becomes left to right, and it becomes more confusing.
Please help us solve this problem.
Arabic and some other languages are from right to left.
- The solution was in the old version, when the language of the application was independent of the phone.
- Or, add an option (TITLE RTL) as in the feed box.
Please accept my respect for your great efforts
Thank you, this is very important.


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Can you please add an option to choose the background color for the splash screen?
Before the splash screen was black, but after the update, the background for the splash is white.

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20% of image quality is poor
although the article has a good image

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Very Nice appyet version 4.0.5 is much better BUT blogger feeds through feed burner doesnt dislpay pictures at all also ads are not showing at all please solve this

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We already implemented Native Ads, just haven't activated it yet. Is there a reason you think Native is a better choice than banner?

Native Ads >> activated in my apps

Interstitial >> work

banner Ads >> Do not show


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Very Nice appyet version 4.0.5 is much better BUT blogger feeds through feed burner doesnt dislpay pictures at all also ads are not showing at all please solve this
please reply with your bloggers feeds URL which have problem, we will test it out

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Images from blogger through feedburner are not showing at all please solve this even FAN ads are not showing!!?


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Hi friend @appyet I want to propose an easy and simple solution for personalized notifications. I use a blog and there is a feed module and I place (name) ads on it. and it is there that I upload all the ads of the application. but the minimum sync interval is 3 minutes, i suggest you set it to 0 bone immediately and that the notification sound is also active. and that the user must deactivate them and not vice versa. so we kill two birds with one stone. I hope you like this solution for which we want to keep our users informed. Remember that I use Google translator, so excuse my English.