AppYet v3.1.41 - v3.1.43 Released


Please help me . Why my app faction no change?Before I set notification On . After build in app Noti Off . and also themes and not display youtube some feed. .V-3.1.43


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- Android: Remove Ads support for Web Module (due to potential Google Policy violation)
Hi Appyet team, I think you should again restore the above because "No one should enable ads for the web module which is brought from other website or having ads from google". However, if it self or developer own website and there is no ads available in the website, then we can enable this feature to show ads in web module without violating Google Policy.

Just incase please rethink.


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Starting from August 1, 2019, Google will make some changes to the apps published in the Google Play Store.
They need to be updated by this date to have a native 64 bit code. Currently, AppYet only provide the APKs in a 32 bit code format, so any app in the Play Store developed here will probably be against the rules of the store and can be taken down.

More info:

There is any plans to update the apk creation process to be in 32/64 bit native code?



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AppYet v3.1.46 Released

This release contains major crash bug fix, and support libraries upgrades. Please test it and report back any issues. Also, please test it thoroughly before publishing your app to your end users.

Change Log v3.1.46

- Android: Fixed crash on the first start right after newly upgraded app
- Android: Android P support
- Android: Forum module allow URL redirect
- Android: Updated supported libraries