AppYet v3.1.26 - v3.1.40 Released


@appyet I think the only issue I have here is

1. the notification not been able to display when new article is uploaded. It doesn't display even when app is closed or opened. It synchronized but doesn't display notification including the cloud messenger.

2. It consumes higher internet data which is not considerable.

3. Am not yet sure of this because I have not uploaded it on play store. Which is the crashing aspect. Last one I uploaded still crashes. Please see image for preview of data consumption in just less than an hour.

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Please @appyet this has to be resolved.


hi @appyet .... I have created a project on Fibrebase and have included a range of applications,
When I browse these applications on the Firebase I find that each application has a different Firebase Google App Id,
But when I upload the (google-services.json) file for each application on the site Appyet, the number of Firebase Google App Id keep the same, and does not change the number of Firebase Google App Id despite the change of the file (google-services.json) according to each application, and this make a problem in the sending of notifications, because when I send a notication from the first application it sends to all applications , while other applications do not send any notification.
Should I create a project for each application or is there a solution to this problem?
Always create a project for each application


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the app was work good in version 3.1.29 the problem crash when update in google play now crash when sync and sync when i close app too still running i wish record video my phone not root
Please try again with 3.1.39 just published


sync closed now thank you browser tab very good and notification work i will test any issue i will tell you thanks again
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thank you sorry for a long test but i know you the best and thanks for browser work good and remove floating share