AppYet v3.1.23 Released


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- Android: Reset last IAD show time to now on user upgrade.
- Android: Fixed issue display hi-def Jpg image with embeded thumbnail
- Android: Fixed unable to sync some feeds url


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there's a still one issue, sometimes the links don't open in a new window from web the module. sometimes they open in the same window even if there is a target set in the link.

Zac F.

It looks like you implemented my idea to not show interstitial ads to new users/upgrade users right away?

If so - THANK YOU. This change will fix a huge problem with new users being scared away by being shown interstitial ads on the first page load. This allows new users to browse the app and see how amazing it is for a while before being hit up with the pop-up.

You guys are doing great work. Keep it up :)


Please upgrade it.

The following is missing:

- MAPS (Google Maps, Openstreet Maps, Mapbox is not working properly!!!!)

- MAYBE IMAGES offline mode?


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Hi @appyet team, great job you guys are doing. Here's just a few more suggestions:

I have lost many of my app users due to complaints about the high data consumption of the apps and they all wish that they could have the option reduce/change the size of synced images in RSS feeds or turn them off entirely (when they are low on data) so this will be a very useful addition to help especially those whose apps target mainly these expensive data countries.

Please add the following options that will help reduce the bandwidth consumption

1. Option to change the image resolution or turn off images in Synchronization.

- Load High Resolution Images Only

- Load Medium Resolution Images Only

- Load Low Resolution (Thumbnails size) Only

- Load only for Wifi

- Don't Load Images at all (Turn off image syncing entirely)

2. Lazy load for images in feeds.

For example a feed item that has about 20 images. When viewed, not all 20 images should load at once, maybe load only four at a time and when the user gets to the fourth image, the next four starts to load. There can be an option to turn this feature off for those who don't like it.


appyet advertising system seems in trouble AGAIN, I get a drop of ad impressions for all my applications significantly for two days , please fix it


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I have a problem from more than a week and i have no answers from admin and you want a new version of appyet ...