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  • Hello Darshan,

    your have stated that appyet is off now.

    Is there any official update about this?
    Do you know any other similar websites fro RSS feeds?

    Please mail me on - gani.gite5@gmail.com
    can you teach me how to make feed query ?
    i use this code
    FeedId IN (SELECT FeedId FROM Feed WHERE GUID IN ('f57bb826bc0044e38336cf132b5d7486'))
    but it dose not work
    I purchased the pro version , but when I finish building your app email ... ques6ta thing does not come to me I made her even with the trial version ... how can I solve it !!!
    In order to ensure that your ads continue to serve after September 15th, 2016, please upgrade to Google Mobile Ads SDK 7.0.0 or higher.
    Hi Dude ,

    why i can't find my app on playstore its showing mismatch but from many days its working fine suddely what was happend also i can find app on palygoogle link.

    Kindly advice .
    DarShaN PanDya
    DarShaN PanDya
    Contact PlayStore Support... :)
    This is not because of AppYet...

    Please help me:

    I have added youtube videos feed from feed module but when clicked on the video it opens in youtube app, not inside the application. Can I modify it tom play youtube inside appyet app only?

    Second it shows only latest 15 videos, how I can increase the limit?
    DarShaN PanDya
    DarShaN PanDya
    I don't know completely but had heard that YouTube module was slightly Deprecated due to YouTube policies.... So U cant play dem Inside App...
    And about 15 videos, it depends on the YouTube Rss... if the Rss only shows 15 vids, the App will also only show 15! :)
    ganesh gite
    ganesh gite
    Cant we increase the limit of 15 vids?
    MoPub Security Vulnerability From Google Play On All our Apps. Please help.

    Please migrate your app(s) to MoPub v4.4.0 or higher as soon as possible and increment the version number of the upgraded APK. Beginning July 11, 2016, Google Play will block publishing of any new apps or updates that use older versions of MoPub.
    hi friend,
    how i can make a list of feeds in one item in menu? ... i can create for example 10 different feed in navigation menu, but i want they be in one folder not 10 line in menu! ... what i should doing for this problem? tnx.
    Waiting for Push Notification to be Added in AppYet! :D
    tnx bro... but last version was about 5 mb and now it is 10 mb... i understand the reason of that is use to libraries in this app... abut 6 mb for libs!,,, i hope it be fix in new version,,, .
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