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    How to upload my application to Google store?

    Its okay, its just a suggestion. You can ignore it. :)
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    AppYet v3.1.46 Released

    There's no need to worry about Install Referrer API, No one uses it except Firebase, I guess which will be fixed by them.
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    AppYet v3.1.41 - v3.1.43 Released

    @appyet potential proguard issue?
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    Pure Science

    Its Removed or Unpublished
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    How to create app like this ?

    Drop-down aren't supported... You can make sections using Group Divider, afaik.
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    how to add and remove modules user defined ?

    Yes! It cannot be deleted but just can be enabled / disabled via Module Dashboard. Just Enable it > Save > Build
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    How to create app like this ?

    Use a Group Divider type Module! :)
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    Google Play banned any account i created

    A new Machine is not required to Sign the App. Download this App on your Phone - (If you are using Android 6.0+, you'll have to manually grant storage permission to this App via Settings > Apps > ZipSigner > Permission > Storage, coz the App hasn't been update in a...
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    User Keystore Support

    Hey there @appyet, I guess you should add an option to allow users to add their keystores to sign their apps! Users can easily create keystores via the ZipSigner / ApkSigner apps. With this they have more control over their apps, for example if they ever leave AppYet then they can still update...
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    Google Play banned any account i created

    @Mohamed Gomaa You can try this but I cannot guarantee it will work! If you are goin to create another account then follow this - 1) Create a new Gmail Account (New Name), link it with a new phone number, Do Not add any of your previous email id as its recovery mail address! 2) Create new...
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    How to make a webpage responsive

    Install WordPress & use a Responsive Theme
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    Critical Issue on Forum

    If I navigate to this forum via https:// & login & then after sometime I come to this forum via http:// then the Forum doesn't remember me & even after Logging in, it would still show Log In... Even the Header, AppYet Support Forum redirects to http:// and problem arises... @appyet, please fix...
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    ViewPager Slide Issue

    hey @appyet, Suppose there is a wide Text in a Post, more precisely a 'Code' Box. So, if I try to slide the Code Box to see the Code then the ViewPager slides to the next article... Kindly Fix this... feed url -
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    Google app signing

    Not Possible
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    App Notifications no longer work

    Notif icons should be pure white colored icons