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I have problems when i upload my apk to Googleplay play or any store plz any one has solution
Hello Lana9, i would be grateful if you could assist me. i got a a mail from appyet to use appyets adt.txt . which i did. but
-google has given me a warning that my ads.txt is incorrect
-interstitial ads showing (but no revenue added to my admob)
-banner ads not showing (only Appyets banners showing)
I have lost a lot of revenue. Please what should i do?
Should i subscribe for Pro plan.
Kindly assist. Thanks
Bro you found any solution ?? Admob ads not showing and Only appyet Banner ads appear everywhere
no . . i wanna get pro plan . . dont know if it will solve it
Open in Default browser is opening within my app.... I search all support questions and answers but there is no answer.
Please I need solution for that matter to open Visit Website in mobile default browser not through my app !!!!
Dear @appyet
i get a notification from Admob that my apps have some issues. This is the message from Admob

Valuable Inventory: Framed Sites
As stated in our Program policies, we may not show Google ads......
Can you help me to fix this issues?