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IDrisse Matos

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Hy guys after 6 Months i finaly finished developing my app here at thanks for the services

The Vhona app will update you about the most important news that are currently happening in Mozambique, and the world, in fields of entertainment, health, politics and many other fields. An ideal application for those who do not have much free time to stay updated.

Our aim is to publish information quickly and the same information is accessible to all types of readers.

The Vhona application gives you quick access to all of this:

• The most important events in the world;
• Most relevant facts from Mozambique;
• News on Politics and Elections;
• Celebrities, Music and Cinema.
• And Curiosity.

This app is in portuguese anyway i just wanted to share.. but any support would be wellcome
Google Play Store Link:
Facebook App Page:
My facebook Page:

1EN.png 2EN.png 3EN.png 4EN.png 5EN.png 6EN.png 7EN.png

IDrisse Matos

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Do you have custom fonts in this?

Also, what did you use to make the screenshot backgrounds? Looks great!

Men thanks for comenting, i used the same build font from appyet just did some modifications to the app
the background i used photoshop, some mockups and some blurred background pictures i have collected from
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IDrisse Matos

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What kinda Modifications?
I used Notepad+ and Apkedit but u have to have i deep understanding of android apk files, i will attach some images later on am a bit busy now so you can have a great understanding of what was done, when i mentioned modifications. and if you need any help let me know

DarShaN PanDya

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Nope! I don't need any Help :)
Even I understand the Android in a Bit Deep along with ApkEditor & all that Stuffs...
Just wanted to know, What did You Modified? :)


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if you can tell me to edit the apps well . ? is there any software should I download ?

Thanks Bro..

aadil sayed

I want to modify the app menu.
I want to add features like rate my app, more apps, etc.
And also change the visit website button.
Plz help


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Hi, great work IDrisse Matos - how did you add the extra social icons and also centre the author and date/time on article view?

Any assistance greatly appreciated :D