reducing apk size


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imagine you delete all modules and just use a web module with a simple html code.
app size will be 10 MB like when we used more than 100 modules...

i think reducing app size is not difficult.
just delete modules from apk when we deactivate them in (now modules just hide from showing in menu and are not deleted from apk, as forum module images are same and stay in apk even we didn't use forum module)
The thing is, it's not because of modules only. Yes, it'll bring a change but there are other factors affecting app size. There are 4 ad network sdk inside, support for different hardware(like 64 bit processor) etc. The easiest thing for appyet to do is, when a user disables something from app, that function(code) is not removed from the apk. It's still there and just hidden from user interface. So if the user wants to enable it later, appyet just need to change a small piece of code while building. If they remove code to reduce file size, i think it may not be easy for them.