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Hey Guys,
i want to introduce you our App, that collects feed of website.
For those who don't know Muay Farang is one of the most important Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) specialized blogs in the world, located in Thailand and Europe.
Check it out, and let us know what you think about it! :)
Official webpage of the app


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Muay Farang

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Very nice looking. I like your video. How to create that video like yours? How did you manage to get feed from instagram directly? Please take note that your facebook feed is not working as facebook stopped support for feeds. Just to share your link for you. It's on google play.
Hi and thanks!
We used a screen capture program, like screen cast, and then mounted the video on a phone frame using Premiere Pro. For Instagram Feeds we used
Thanks for letting us know about FB, why isn't it working anymore?