Implement ADX (Parent of Admob) for monetization

Hi AppYet,

Thanks for your app development service.

I've made an app through @appyet which is quite popular among users. I'm having 100K+ installs as well.

But I can't use Google or Facebook as they have banned my app for monetization (The same case for many other appyet app developers). So now, I've no way to generate revenue from my best app with premium users.

After searching for ways to monetize the app, I found that Google offers Adx service on top of Admob. Adx is similar to Admob and provides good revenue with higher eCPM.

Adx implementation in appyet app source code is very similar to Admob with minor changes in Ad Unit formation. So I request you to provide us a facility to input Adx Ads units in our apps in Appyet platform. There's a very minor change required in the existing source code to enable Google Adx implementation. Could you please help me with this? By this, I can generate revenue through my appyet apps.

Google Support for Adx implementation:

Awaiting your response @appyet. Your attention is required. Please respond.