How to choose a Forex broker


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Hi, I started searching the Internet for a broker for myself and realized that there are a very large number of them, and I’m not a little confused, please tell me how to choose a broker for myself and what should I pay attention to?


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For those who are already familiar with what Forex is, the question arises of which brokerage company to turn to enter the international currency exchange market. At the moment, I use ic markets, but someone decides to open an account in the company after studying in the company, some want to look for better conditions, someone decides to open a real account after working on a demo account, someone has read a lot of textbooks and I am sure that I am ready to make money, and some (and most of them) simply think that they are unrecognized financial geniuses or just very lucky and want to try their hand at the Forex market.
Of course, the most important factor for opening a real account in a Forex company is the reliability, or rather the decency of this office. There are many schemes on how to make the client always lose, and the company profits from it. Moreover, they were invented a long time ago, but many investors have already “burned out” on the services of such “honest” companies. In any case, it will not be superfluous to study the reviews of people you trust, as well as collect not only the tariffs for the company's services, information about the range of services and programs of the broker, but also a kind of "dossier" on him on the Internet.