How can I open rss links in the in app browser

Hello, I would like to open the links in the feeds in the in-app browser, so I unchecked the Open in Default Browser option, I saved the changes and I rebuilt the app but it is still opening the links in the external browser... how can I solve this problem?

DarShaN PanDya

Active Member
'Open in Default Browser option' means that if you have particular links in your Article/Post, when clicked Open in Default Browsers like Opera, Uc etc... :)
Feed Module cannot open the Article in WebView :)
As far as I know, there's no option to open links in feed with in-app browser. Only web module allows to open links within app. Ability to open links with in-app browser should be added. I managed to show Facebook comment system in article but cant comment because all button clicks are opened with third party browsers. If there was an option to open the click with in-app browser, I would be able to login to facebook from within appyet app and leave a comment. If I'm not wrong, unchecking "Open in Default Browser" won't allow us to open links in feed with in-app browser. default browser means, in android, we can set a particular web browser as default browser and whenever we click a link, the link will open with that specific web browser.