(Help Required) What is difference between RSS, XML and ATOM....

ganesh gite

New Member

I'm new to appyet and feeds.

i'm trying to create a news aggregator application but on some sites i'm getting feed url from page source but on some websites there's no feed url available in page source.

Please guide on how can i create or copy links for category wise feeds from any website?

For example, there's website

in this website there are memu options like CA, CS, CMA, ACCOUNTING.....

and in CA there are subcategories line CPT, IPCC and FINAL

from this now I want to add only
CPT updates in my app.

Here's the link for the category: http://caknowledge.in/topics/ca/cpt/

in this way i want to add different categories from different websites. Guide me how can i get the feed url?
when to use xml and feed?