Google sent me this.


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Dear Editor:We want to inform you about a new policy that establishes the obligation to obtain the consent of the users of the European Union to comply with the new regulations and recommendations. This means that you must obtain consent from end users when using products such as Google AdSense, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.Check our new user consent policy of the EU as soon as possible. According to this policy, it will be necessary that you obtain the consent of the EU end users to store and access cookies and other information and to collect, share and use data while using Google products. This does not affect any provision on data ownership of your contract.Make sure you meet the requirements of this policy as soon as possible (but not after the September 30, 2015).If your site or your application does not have an enforcement mechanism consent, you must implement one now. For this process you find it easier, we've compiled some useful resources on the site.This policy change responds to the new rules and recommendations imposed by European data protection authorities. These requirements are reflected in some changes recently implemented on websites of Google.Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.Sincerely,The Google policy team.