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Greetings from Gamenology Media!

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you, the Gamenology App! This is our very first app built for Android, for the Play Store, using AppYet.

We have started development and deployment of our app on the Play Store since December 2014, so we felt it would be a great time to show you guys how we used AppYet to create such an amazing app!

Gamenology Media is a subsidiary of Gamenology, so we built the Gamenology App. Gamenology is a fansite that posts tech and gaming news regularly, as well as Twitter posts and more!

Features of the app:

Be able to read our articles posted on our website with ease

Visit our social media pages

Bookmark your favourite articles

Push notifications let you know when articles are published, and you have control over them.

One click support to Gamenology Support, community support via Twitter helping you with tech, and support for the app.

Loads of settings to fit your needs

Updates overtime will add new features to the app and will ensure you get the best Gamenology experience.

Material Design

Optimised for Android Tablets


Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-49-23.png Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-49-36.png Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-49-55.png Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-50-43.png Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-51-24.png Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-52-05.png


Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-57-39.png Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-57-45.png Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-57-56.png Screenshot_2015-05-08-09-58-18.png

Currently the app is on Version 1.19, based on AppYet version 3.1.7. However we are working on a major update, Version 1.20, which will be based on AppYet version 3.1.8 and will include a whole load of new functionality!

So what are you waiting for? Download our app now at and tell us your feedback! Remember, improvements of the app also comes from your feedback!

We are also working on a second app which will be announced soon on the official Gamenology Media Website.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy our app! :)
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How you get the Events in to the App

Hey there, the events feature is using the in app Web browser that directs you to the Gamenology events calendar at We couldn't find a way to integrate the calendar in the app, so we had to put a link to it.

Also, the screenshots you are seeing is a test version of our next major update, Version 1.20. This is not on the Play Store yet, only version 1.19. So the screenshots uploaded on this thread may have features not available on the Play Store right now.