Any other bugs you like us to fix for upcoming release?


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We are planning to release a new version with bug fixes soon, if you know any bug which you like us to fix, please let us know.


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@appyet Lately, if you add an image on the splash screen appears a bit pixelated, and tablet looks pretty small. Could you look at it?

In addition, in the same splash screen, the Android notification bar is not adapted to the background color, as does happen on the other displays.




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@appyet And this is not a bug, but it's possible to add, in the Auto cleanup read, the option 12 hours? I think it's a necessary feature for many AppYet users, and I think it's simple to add, if it's possible to add in this version... :)



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@appyet And the bug of dark/light theme. Always, in both themes, the menus background and settings page background are black. Please solve this problem in light theme.



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Google warning in store

Security warning
The implementation of WebViewClient.onReceivedSslError handler in your app is not safe. More information can be found on the page with the warnings.
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1. Don't close the app when back button is pressed on article list view. Instead slide out the menu drawer and then if back is pressed again app can be closed (just like it used to be in earlier versions)

2. Option to remove the share icon bubble in the article view (kind of distracting and hardly ever used by my users)

3. Google store security warning (The implementation of WebViewClient.onReceivedSslError handler)

4. Option to turn off image loading entirely both for wifi and all as discussed in detail here:

IDrisse Matos

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Dear appyet i forme i gues you can try fixing the material design insue in download, explore and settings as when am on this tabs i do not get material design on statusbar.