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I will try to answer your questions as I know.
hello bro, I just created an iptv app. I put on it my active m3u link but on app still says that the network is unavailable or address not found
what to do?
send me the link i try my best
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Hi Appyet,

yestarday i got an email asking to forward account reset link to verify may account to move app .
Is this right? because i got mail from some non official mail it was a gmail eamil address.

Plz confirm.
Hi, Appyet,

As per your recomendation for moving App to diffrent account i have upgraded to Pro and also emailed you .
Kindly move my app to request account.

Please help please i am fowlling for last 1 months plz help

That is official request, please forward the reset link. Thanks
ok thanks mail sent
سلام من باید چیکار کنم که گوگل پلی هنگام نصب اپلیکیشنم
هشدار امنیتی نده