Youtube Play button no longer showing up on the Feed


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So i made an app (1 year back) in which i used to add RSS feed of a youtube channel
Using this --- username)

Previously the thumbnail would appear with the play button, upon tapping the image (play button on top) the link used to open directly in youtube but however recently (after appyet getting updated) the play button which used to come on top has vanished and whenever i tap the thumbnail, the in-app image gallery feature pops up instead of opening the video on youtube and i have to select visit webpage which is full of unwanted hassle
Please fix this issue as most of my users will start to disown the app


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For better understanding i am uploading images showing what has happened
The 1st image depicts the older version of the app where i am able to simply tap on the play button
The 2nd and 3rd image shows that the play button is absent and no longer there and instead opens the thumbnail in the image viewer

IMG_20180726_135254.jpg IMG_20180726_135240.jpg Screenshot_2018-07-26-13-52-19.png

If you require the app links in order to see it for yourself please reply


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It will be fix for next release

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