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YouMobile™ is providing a New Professional App Review Service that allows Google Play developers and publishers to boost their apps to reach wide range of Android Power users.

What you will get:
- Article post with screenshots, video and description of your app.
- The review article will be posted on our Website - RSS feed - Mobile App.
- Brief 10 Words Review to use on your Google Play Description / Website.
- Permanent back-link to your Google Play Store App.
- Reach more than 1,000,000 monthly readers.

For App Review Requests and Quotes, visit our Contact Us Page or Email Us.

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ganesh gite

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As most of the publisher might have known by now, Google Has Released its Firebase platform which includes Analytics, Monetization, Cloud, Backend, Hosting and much more. It will soon replace Google analytics, and abmob reports will heavily rely on metrics from Firebase for more depth analytics. Therefore, AppYet Must integrate the required SDK's and provide integration support to the users of the appyet.


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Thanks to did90 for the recommendation, it was just what I was looking for, since I need to promote a website and I was looking for a backlink expert who could promote my website, thank you very much!