Why you should care about your CPI Monetization strategy


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According to a recently published report from Business Insider Intelligence, mobile app-install advertising (CPI ads) are driving a boom in mobile ad spend.

In the US alone, the revenue of CPI ads will surpass $5.4 billion, in 2016. This number is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

(CPI Revenue US, Source: BI Intelligence)

With the increased global penetration of smartphones, it is not hard to predict that this trend will affect other regions in the world.

CPI ads are a huge opportunity for monetization. Both mobile web publishers and mobile app developers should avoid wasting it.

Due to the specificities of CPI ads, it is increasingly important to partner with someone who really gets CPI, having knowledge of both Mobile Attribution procedures and LTV measurement inside the promoted apps.

It is also crucial to understand that, due to these specificities, CPI ads should be regarded as a different sort of game when compared to other offer types.

In order to be able to really grasp the true potential of this kind of ads you should definitely partner with a company that can provide you with the best possible means to show your ads. Usually, a native SDK is all you need. Indeed, the Software Development Kit will enable you to have the best conversion rates while giving your users the experience they truly deserve.

CPI placements can be shown on a banner. Nonetheless, if you really wish to get the most from these offer types, you should bear in mind that CTRs for these offers are much better once you show them on more suitable App Lists / App Walls.

(CTR per ad format, Source: AppFlood)

By using a native SDK, you will also be able to better customize the ads to your own app user experience. Thus, you avoid sending the user to the mobile web browser before sending them to the native app store (App Store or Google Play), which significantly increases the click to conversion ratio.

Your CPI monetization strategy matters. In a world filled with offers, choices and options, it is important to partner with the right group of experienced people to guide you through the bumps and challenges of the CPI business.