where is the facebook feed

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@joseph :p
It seems some Xtra Talented Studs read the messages from the forum and paste them as 'Instructions' :p :D
I can See a same msg here in this thread too! (And i think its your Copied with an xtra mail address for HELP) :D :p ;)


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I follow these steps:

1- Go to http://fbrss.com/
2- Click connect with facebook
3- Then click "allow / ok"
4- Make sure that you "LIKE" the page you want to get its feed.
5- The page's feed URL will appear in the list below.
6- Get the feed url and submit it as a regular "feed module" in appyet platform, treat it like any other feed module you have on your app.
7- IMPORTANT you need to RE-AUTHORIZE fbrss every 25 days to keep your feed alive.


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DarShaN PanDya

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Sometimes FBRSS is a Headache!
Currently its not working properly! :(
Even I had Problems in my App due to FBRSS so I excluded it... :D