What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?


Plz create a search box to find a title of a web modules and create categories in main screen for list our feeds and web into list category article.
Its important.


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@appyet Is there a way to make a widget of the web modules? a few users on google play asked if they can have a widget of the countdown the app offers, would be really cool if you could add a feature like this


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Widget are not showing properly. When I place widget, only purpule rectangle shows up, see image. I tested on more devices and Android versions, same results. Also, I made new app and there is problem too.



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I also think the app should be able to give a pop-up notification whenever a new version is updated. It will be very useful to our users.
Hi, that's a good Idea, however after Firebase integration, you can also cloud message.It will be send to each of your existing users as Notification.