What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?


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apyet is a great platform and simple as 123 but i hope you can add other options and modules to make the app very attractive and to users but also buttons to more reaction from users .
i hope to see some good changes in the next version . im preparing upload my Apyet App to Google play so i will be lucky if these changes came soon.

Be great , APyET


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Please support html video player.. and add new template one site and no ads.. I hope appyet hope my request.. thanks


There's some problemes with video player the app most show *complete action using.. and I hop to see my app with this chooses complete action using Appyet app to download or watch this video online


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As like previous version, please add special URL functionality again. Please allow the special URL like:- WhatsApp:\\, call:\\, mail:\\ etc.


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It seems that builtin browser have problem.
When I change settings to show brief article Built in browser wont show images.
However set it to show full article the app has no problem with images.

Abba Zamzas

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Hi Appyet, please we will be glad to see you improve notification, if say there's new article in the case of rss news feed the user will be instantly notified even without opening the App and with the headline, just like Opera News, Whatsapp and facebook. This will help to seduce user to be using the App consistently thereby help to improve revenue. Please take this into account as soon as possible as there are many competitive Apps out there!