what kind of game app should I build?


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How does a person go about figuring out what is hot in the game apps? Also how do you know if your app is going to make you any money? Last but not least how much do these sites like google play store and apple play store pay you per download? Sorry for all the questions but this is the information I need to hopefully start making money on some of these apps! Thanks so much for your answers!
Hello, if you want to know what is hot in the game apps then you can search it on google search. Over there you will also find the trending games. If you ask me then I will suggest you build a casino gaming app through which players can win real money. If you need suggestions, then you can visit https://playcasinoscanada.com/payment-methods/ here in which you will find real money gaming site links. It will help you a lot and if you want to earn money then you can play games to which you will find with the help of given sites on that link.
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