What if i don't want to share revenue with Appyet?


I am really appreciate the efforts made by the team of Appyet.com, but what if i want to stop sharing revenue with appyet? i just to add my own ads and make the revenue 100% for me?

Any Ideas?


I don't think this is possible becouse Appyet had to make money, too. You can try to contact Appyet to get a deal..

joseph raphael

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You can pay and remove all the ads together... other than that, you are forced to give appyet 30% of the banner impressions on your App.


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Go to another service, i have problems with advertising on my app and appyet do not answer from about 2-3 weeks ..


@ferdis Yea, i have noticed that they never reply on emails sent to them, maybe they left the company for robots :)
Anyway i'll try to find another company to design my app or hire a freelancer. Do you recommend someone?