Web Module stopped working


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Hi. I have several apps. In all of them I use a web module with a weblink to a website that opens in the in-app browser. All worked fine, until now.

Now, in one of the apps (and only in one), the website suddenly stopped working (I only get a blank page). The web page linked is https://realpandora.com . All the other apps (linking to different websites) work fine.

The funny thing is that it worked fine until a few weeks ago. The website works great in other browsers but something with it in the in-app browser is wrong and I don't know what.

Any suggestions?


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OK; seems like the webmodule stopped working with https pages. Before it was working fine, but now it's not.

Anybody knows any solution for this?


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Idem for me, it stopped working with https pages. I have only to change my webpage's domain from .tk to .com inside the page and I cannot do that.
Please help me!

DarShaN PanDya

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Use "http" and if you have redirected your site from "http to https", remove it from .htaccess file of your website...
hope it works.. ☺