Very Simple Changes

1 - Enable to change the name of notifications, which is now ex: 5 new article (s), to 5 new episodies;
2 - Open the application hiding the status bar, that is, open application in full screen.
3 - Add button to share this application.
4 - Add award-winning video on the monetize menu.
5 - Enable full screen requirment in the web module.
6 - Create a dialog box resource that opens when the application starts.
7 - Lastly, enable customization of notifications, so the platform opens up more possibilities such as application of medical consultations, tasks and more, so your 25% will become more profitable.


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If you want to change the title of the notifications, you can do it.

Go to the Settings tab > Click on Predefined UI String Resources > Search the language you want to change > Find the string with the key new_article.

ganesh gite

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You can add whatsapp share option. Here is the script:,%20Daily%20GK,%20Current%20Affairs,%20Daily%20News%20Paper%20Analysis,%20UPSC%20Videos,%20from%2050+%20top%20websites%20and%20Videos%20from%2030+%20best%20YouTube%20Channels%20in%20a%20single%20app.%20Download%20Now:%20 (Your apps link here)

Your apps description when you share in Whatsapp in blue

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