This feature we want in upcoming release


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  1. Please fixes image gaping bugs in rss posts. This bugs appeared in 4.0.11 and later templates.
  2. Please add powerful download manager in app. Some users download video or audio, sometimes it may paused due to internet connectivity or something else. When users resume downloading video or audio file, it's begin download from started.(0%)
  3. My app has video downloading or watching videos online stuff. In-app online video player is awesome but some features is missing like 10 seconds forward or 10 second previous button. (i know double tap feature is available but forward and previous button looks more professional in video player instead of double tap or both feature remain in app is also good idea).
  4. My all video's source link is same (for download or watch online), but when users click on thus link video playing online. But some users also want to download videos. We want when users click on thus link a popup appear with Watch Online | Download. When users click on Watch Online video playing online and when users click on Download then link open in external browser. (Video is also download in in-app download manager if is also supported pause and resume, because video file size is 1.0 GB or more. If every time video download failed or started again from 0%, users will be irritated)
  5. A share link of our app. We want a module for this where i add custom title for our app and a share link of our app. When users click on share app, then all social apps open and users share our app title and link across social platform.
  6. Rating on play store. We want a module for this where we add play store link of our app and custom title (Like "Enjoying our app", "Rate our app on play store", "Like our app Rate us on play store")
  7. Slideshows of latest Posts (Like Netflix and Google Play Store) we hope to see something like that on our app (for example the latest 10 articles on a slider and the others on the regular layout)
Please @appyet reply with this thread which features and bug fixes we see in upcoming version


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Good Suggestions ! ability create popups would be very nice to show available updates or message to rate etc

Godson O.

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5 and 7 are awesome features to add... Having and Next, Previous and Repeat option in Audio and Video Player is also a highly recommended feature as most people love to listen to music or play videos continuously with having to change tracks every time.