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After gone through all major threads , I have made a list of most awaited appyet features and updates
please forgive me if i lost any....

NB: Bolded features are of high Priority. Thanks

1. A new module which can fully support wordpress wocommerce features with different layouts and styles will be heartily welcomed, since this could be very useful to make e-commerce apps.

2. In App Sign up and Sign in features is highly recommended.

3. Feed Module left a huge blank space at end of every artical, hoping to get rid of it.

4. Notification curtain shows preview of first image in feed module.

5. Fix send push notification in phone notification bar, to send important updates.

8. Most Important feature is to set Splash screen for full screen size, We know that current size mostly fits all screens but actually we need this change. we can have this option just exactly we set splash in eclipse and android studio. users can set in all sizes (hdpi, Xhdpi, XXhdpi)

9. Ability to change the background of settings module, and it would be nice if we have brand new design.

10. it would be great if we get option of getting notifications of any specific module only, for example if we have three feed module A, B.C of connected with WordPress then, we can set in settings module that app only give notifications for selected feeds.

11. ability to rename the screens so we can exactly know in Google Analytics which screen users are watching, currently it only shows activity_name (Feed Name).

12. We Need a powerful share button which can share app link directly from google play and feed post as well, currently app sharing button is missing.

13. Menu Layouts is highly needed so developers can use it to make different different styled apps.

15. apk size generated by appyet is lil bit heavy (I believe), dear appyet please try to make apk size around 7-8 MB.

16. Ability to set Web Module zoom function, please let developer to set this option on their own pace.

19. Looking for Rate Us Module Feature which notify users to rate app and give review on google play.

20. Looking for a feature in which app itself notify users to update the app from google play store, whenever if there is any new version or build update on google play.


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Also add the ability to export the current feeds as a file in order to import it and use it in another phone