Structure of the social studies essay


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The algorithm for writing an academized essay includes mandatory elements and steps, the fulfillment of which will help you get the highest score:

  • the main quotation;
  • disclosure of the essence of the statement;
  • own view of the revealed problem;
  • theoretical argumentation;
  • practical argumentation;
  • conclusion.

You should start with a competent selection of a statement. Perhaps you have a "favorite" unit, then choose a quote from it. If not, or the quote does not allow you to fully show your knowledge, then it is more convenient to make the choice as follows: choose several appropriate terms for each of the statements and stop at the one to which it was easier to do so.

Next, you should clearly describe the problem and its relevance, reveal the main idea of the statement, your attitude to it, show whether you agree with the author or not, why. This is the main condition for a successful essay, because if you get 0 points for this point, you will get 0 points for the whole essay, too. Recall that to reveal an idea is to determine exactly what the author of the quote wanted to say.

From the ideas you have described, you must formulate several theoretical judgments (at least 2), describing them in appropriate scientific terms and concepts. In this paragraph, you must demonstrate your theoretical background on the subject, so try to recall the appropriate definitions, functions, characteristics.

After the theoretical argumentation has been completed, you need to back up everything you wrote earlier with practical examples. Sources for this can be works of art and literature, history, examples from social life, as well as personal social experience. It is important to remember that factual arguments should be from different sources, that is, if you have described your own life experience, then you should use a historical summary as an example.

The conclusion summarizes the entire written text. It should be written that the used examples and arguments help to understand the essence of the statement, also here you should retell the quote in your own words, to show once again that you understood what the author said.

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Thank you for explaining everything in detail, for a long time it was not clear to me what the structure of an essay should be, perhaps that's why I always had problems with writing and I was looking for someone who could write thesis for me It turns everything is simple, I will definitely try to use your information in the practice of writing, suddenly I succeed.
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