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Victor Figueira

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My application is no longer sending push notify (show notification).
- AppYet v3.1
Is there any limitation for notifications to the lite type applications?

Thank you
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DarShaN PanDya

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It requires a Good Internet Connection... (3G or 4G)
Try Setting Refreshing period to 1 Min. or 5 Min. from Settings :)
Make sure that "enable notifications for automatic sync"(in settings) is enabled. also, when you build app i think we've option to turn it off by default. make sure that it's not off in build. And I think we get notification only if the app is minimized. If we are actively using the app and an update come, there'll be no notification. You can test it by this way. turn on notification & automatic background sync in settings, change the sync interval to a lower period, minimize app, make a new post, wait some time (according to ur snc interval) and see whether notification coming or not
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