refresh feeds


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is it possible to update feeds it is only when I reinstall completely.

Automatic refresh would be cool

which is important if there is a change in an article

joseph raphael

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What you mean by "refresh" feed ? The app already have automatic syncing for the feeds on the settings.

Or you mean a complete refresh, like deleting all synced contents and re-download it again ?

joseph raphael

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yes exactly when something has changed on the article so it can renew the same without uninstalling the app and reinstalling
This feature has been tested and it's coming on Appyet 3.1.5 release very soon.

Make sure your RSS feed xml code has the following parameters added for every article
<guid isPermaLink="true">........</guid>
This helps AppYet detect if the article is new or the same, it must replace "........" with a unique