Pictures in Web module


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Hi is there a modality to made the pictures in the Web Module offline?

So thath i can post some pictures in the app and the user can see this pictures without a internet conection?



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at this moment, this is not supported. if you just want to browse through all images, we have plan to create Gallery module in the future release. where you could have image and simple text setup


Indeed I tried it already and you can not upload a file (pictures or video) from the app itself.

Just go to (in the app) and try to post a picture


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I noticed this issue before, it has something to do with the default chrome webview
Yup actually the AOSP webview, chromium webview works well. (Simple words, uploads don't work on AOSP browser but do on Chrome since AOSP is depreciated and isnt updated anymore I suppose, while chrome is updated frequently)
I think it's something to do with the permission as well. The app does not have permission to read the disk on the mobile? We should include permission to read disk, camera, location, etc. This can allow us to create/include website that can be more interesting.