Option to Turn Off Images to Save Data Costs


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I have lost many of my app users due to complaints about the high data consumption of the apps and they all wish that they could reduce the size of synced images in RSS feeds or turn them off entirely so this will be a very useful addition to help especially those whose apps target mainly these expensive data countries.

There are many countries where bandwidth data costs are quite expensive, having the option to load low resolution/smaller size images or turn off images entirely (both for wifi or 3g/2g and all others) will save lots of data and costs especially when viewing image heavy websites.

I suggest that instead of the current image load options in Synchronize settings where you can only turn off and on for wi-fi alone, we could have more image options where only a resized version of the image is synced like:

- Load High Resolution Images Only

- Load Medium Resolution Images Only

- Load Low Resolution (Thumbnails size) Only

- Load only for Wifi

- Don't Load Images at all
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