Not able to see ads and personal messages


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I have just created an app using AppYet. I also signed up for Admob and am using it in this app too. However, I have not seen even a single ad since the last few days in my app. Do I need to enable the option of the ads from anywhere?
I am using a SMF forum, installed with a TapTalk plugin. When I click on the option to view the "Messages", the operation does not get completed and I am unable to view them, while I can view them in the TapTalk application.

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Did you added it in "Monetize"? If yes do you have any add removal software installed? Can you send the app link on PM so i can check?


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Unfortunately im having the same exact issue with messages. I get an error when i try to view any private messages. My forum is a phpbb3 one and i have installed the tapatalk plug-in. The other problem i have is with the thanks option. It gives me an error about accessing my mobiquo.php file but after refreshing the thanks shows. Any help will be highly appreciated because i just created this app yesterday and so far im very impressed!! The only thing missing imo is the ability to upload pics

Thank you!