My AppYet Features Wishlist


Very impressed with AppYet so far. However like all products I have some feature requests/wish lists that would love to see eventually make it into the product.

Hopefully some of you will want some of these features.

IN-App Purchases to remove Ads
I would love the main app to be ad supported but to give pro/power users the ability to remove ads from the app with an in-app purchase.

Full Disqus Comment Integration
Would love full disqus support in the app at some point in the future. ie users can read existing comments that have been left on the site by web users as well as being able to add comments via the app which the web users will then be able to see.

This would really make appyet as stand out product imho as no other product has this integration yet.

Also in addition to that, it would be great if the comment count could be displayed against each article in the list.

User Feed Selection
We have a number of Categories on our site. I would like to define these all and have the user select which feeds they want enabled. Then only those feeds would update/notify with the others hidden from the left-bar menu

Author Names displayed
Our site is a multi-author site. We would like to display the name of the author on the article.

Material Design
With Google’s new Material Design being used more and more, it would be great if this could be applied to Applet

Better Documentation/Examples
The lack of documentation is very bad imho. I would love better documentation to show how we can write Feed Query statements, what fields we can use in the SQL etc Also examples of how

App Previewer
Having to build and then install the APK each time on your phone is a pain. It would be great to have a basic previewer for a couple of common devices to check things quickly before building the app.

Theme Designer
A proper theme designer so that you can see the live changes to your app as you make theme changes. This would go very well with the App Previewer. Having to build, download, transfer, install an APK just to view a color change is very tiresome

Theme Library
Allow users to upload there themes to a central repository so that other users could use their themes etc.

Module Drap and Drop Sort Order
Have the ability to change the sort order by dragging and dropping.

Bulk Changes
I have 20 Feeds, if I want to make a setting change to a feed for example change them all to GRID or LIST. I have to edit and save all 20. It would be great to be able to Batch change selected modules. This would also apply to batch changes feeds eg I might want to change the minimum image width to 200 for 20 of my feeds.

Global Presets
Lets say I have some Extra HTML Header that I want to use in my feeds. With 20 feeds I have to add it manually to all 20 feeds. If I then need to make a change I then have to apply that change 20 times. It would be far batter to define a preset or presets of my Extra HTML Header code and then assign that in the specific feed section. Then if I needed to make a change I simply edit the global preset and then all the feeds that use the preset will then be updated automatically.

You could also use this for say Web modules whereby you define some standard CSS that you want to use.

Clone App
It would be great to be able to Clone/Duplicate an exist App.

Settings/Help Link to internal App page
On the Settings/Help screen you can define a link for the application help. It would be great if rather than an external link you could provide an in-app web page/module that would keep the help internal to the App.

Better Google Analytics
Would be great if we could see the page titles in the GA dashboard so that we can see which content is popular etc.

If any of you have any suggestions/feature requests I’d love to hear them


Some of the things is very useful but some are not useful for everyone ... Anyway I would love to see some of the things in the app


I like these very much:

In app purchase
Material Design
Better Documentation
App previewer
Theme Designer

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i really want 2 things too urgent :
1- design the same app for iphone
2- add custom signature on every social media sharing

who can do this ( i will pay money for this )