MVP program



Today I am here to suggest another one of my follies. I propose to start forum MVP program for users who most stand out helping in the forum.

How does it work?

Someone who manages that group of users, you can check the involvement of users in this community helping others and more. I believe that this action will be assessed to access this group.

Program Benefits

I think that the MVP can provide better support to users of this forum, they may have the following advantages:

- Access to privileged information before launching it in an update.
- A group 1Social for communication between the group much easier.
- A contact more "direct" with the developer AppYet. (I think that we could take care to report serious errors so that they can be solved as soon as possible)
- They may also have an exclusive forum to suggest new "methods" to do any action in the forum.

The group of MVPs be renewed each year and to access this group would need:

- Having an active and meaningful participation in the community.

I think if the creation of this group of people is done, we could save a lot of work so that the developer can continue working without suffering the stress of caring for users.

For some people, this idea may seem absurd but may end up being very good.

For now, this is my proposal. What do you think?

Thank you
Best regards