Module create failed, please make sure information provided is valid.

joseph raphael

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Could it be a "false error"?
what i mean is that the module is indeed created and my app almost works ;)
(Almost meaning, no ability to view private messages and an error about the mobiquo.php file when trying to give thanks to a post)

So you can view the forum on your app but you get an error when trying to click on "thanks" button ? OR the whole forum module is not working at all ?


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The app works even tough it was giving me that error about creating the module i posted earlier. Only problems within the app are the "thanks" and not being able to view any private messages (it doesnt give a specific error for that)


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The more i think about it the more i believe something is really off between my forum and the tapatalk plug in..
Tapatalk does not work since sunday with my forum and a lot of my users (unluckily or luckily i can confirm that because i havent had a connection since sunday with tapatalk- keep receiving the error message to contact the forum admin). I contacted them and im waiting for them to get back to me.. I checked everything. Uninstalled and reinstalled that plugin i dont know how many times. I updated both my phpbb forum and word press on my website. Still the same... I dont know if there's any help in the following but once i get the error in tapatalk, the forum is also inaccessible from the appyet app for 3-5 minutes.

I keep playing with this amazing app and i keep thinking "only if i could fix the message bug". It would really make tapatalk obsolete (at least for my users). Thank you so much for this anyway!! If it wasnt for tapatalk being so awful with my forum, i would have never found out about this!! So there's always the bright side in things ;)